My Newest MTB!!! 4-10-19

My may box included several hard plastic baits. I got a new few new Crankbaits and a new Jerkbait.


So far I have been very impressed with the service. I can get new baits delivered to my door and not have to pick out new baits that I may or may not use. For the most part I receive bait that I would 100% not purchase and those are the ones I have the most luck with. That is why I enjoy the boxes that I receive, not knowing what is coming is a fantastic way to build excitement.

The April box for me has a few baits that I would never buy, just to try. It also came with several that have been catching my eye for some time, but never pulled the trigger on the purchases. Some of the random crankbaits as well as the soft plastics that are included would not be in my buggy/basket. The versatility of the MTB packages are from out of this world. Whom ever it was/is deciding what we get in mail must be avid fishers as well.

The SMITHWICK suspending jerkbait is the first one I want to talk about. This is a very good jerkbait. The depth for this is between 6′ and 8′. This bait works great to target those fish that are hanging out between 4′ and 10′ of water. If you pick them up on the graph and they are just hanging out, this bait will get their attention and hopefully get you a bite. Crank it down to the depth let it sit a minute then twitch. Repeat this cycle a few times and your bit will be back at the boat, either in a fishes mouth or just back at the boat.


Next up is the KARL’S AMAZING BAITS THWACKER SINKING lipless crankbait. This should be a staple in any anglers tackle box for spring fishing. The color is on point, it’s a crawfish color. This bait also has a very good sound, you can hold this in your hand and shake it to hear the thump from the internals. I literally fish this bait almost anywhere, depth doesn’t really matter to me because you can burn it and keep it up in the water column or slow it down and fish deeper. I may be alone in this but, if you fish just on top of the under water grass and just rip it through it does a great job.


The LUNKERHUNT JOLT is a the one to talk about. I have always wanted to purchase a bait from this line, but have never actually pulled the trigger. I’m not sure why I have never bought one of these (from this line) but, it’s a fantastic bait. This is a very true running bait and the color pattern was perfect. Along, with the others this has a very good sound to it. The depth on it is 2.5′ which is ideal for fishing around most structure. Most square bills will deflect well off anything under the surface (depending on the make or model). I mean lets face it, not all crankbaits are made the same.


The BANDIT 200 is another great addition to my crankbait selection. This is one of the baits I may not have purchased or even thought about purchasing. For a medium diving crankbait this runs fairly true and has a good “wobble” to it. I wouldn’t say it has a tight or a wide action when retrieving. The color pattern is good, a shad color will work in most cases. My own personal opinion is that it would have a little bit of chartreuse included, but that’s just me.

For some reason I have better luck with a medium diving crankbait that has chartreuse in the color pattern. That may be my own preference and not really the color itself. At the end of the day you will purchase and use baits and colors you like or have experience with. You having confidence in what you’re throwing is a must.


I got another jig! One of my favorite ways to fish is, using a jig. The DIESEL JIG football jig is a great addition to my jig collection. I love to toss/flip a jig at any type of structure and slow down and work the area, slowly if needed. I attached a GOOGAN BAITS Krackin Kraw (may have misspelled that and I apologize). This jig is as good as any other jig you may buy or grab out of the box to tie on next. Football jigs are plentiful in my tackle box.


These SMARTBAITS worms are some of most unique and inventive fishing baits I have seen. They change colors depending on the water temp. I cannot say that the plastic is the best, but I only used one or two of them. The wide paddle on the tail has gret action in the water causing great vibrations and movement. The water I used these in was not the clearest so I was unable to see the buoyancy, or how well they stood off the bottom, if at all. I will use the rest of this bag before I decide to buy more. The soft plastic market has several options to choose from, but to my knowledge this is the only one that actually changes colors. If you are wanting to try a new or just something different I would suggest trying some of these, they are worth a shot.


Now for the last bait I got in this new box. The CABIN CREEK 4″ lizard is 100% not a bait I would buy. This is a very small bait and the color is not something that I would have confidence in throwing. The package says 4″ but, it seems to be a lot smaller than the other lizards I have in my tackle box. The color says “smoke” but, is almost clear with the only color being the black flakes that are infused in the bait. I’m not sure even how to fish this bait. The small stature of the bait makes it hard for me to use. Unless you tied it on to a drop shot rig, which I have never used a lizard with. Hey! I may give it a try.


I will continue to use the baits I received just like last month. If I have any updates or any more input I will share for sure. This monthly subscription has been fantastic and I would suggest everybody to give them a shot. After all the fees my bill $28 and some change every month. That may run some people off but, I assure you if you give it a chance it may change your mind. To me this is well worth the money. You get a variety of fishing bait delivered to your door every month. At the end of the day this saves me money. Now all I have to go buy is terminal tackle and a few replacement packs of my favorite baits. I no longer go and drop $80 – $100 a week on tackle because I can just wait and see what I get.

Thanks for reading, hope this has helped you out or at least gave you a little more of an insight to what my/your MTB may contain. GET OUT THERE AND CATCH SOME FISH!!

















































Terrible day on the water..

Okay everybody, I went to one of my local lakes (Lake Lamar Bruce) and had the worst day on the water can remember. The day I had was not related to the weather or fish activity or even the lake in general. The weather was perfect, 60 degrees, little to no wind, water temp in the upper 50s, full moon the night before, and decent water clarity.

It all started when I left my house that morning. I hooked up to my boat, plugged in my trailer lights, checked my straps to make sure they were tight, but I forgot to connect a few things. I did not connect my safety chains on my trailer, nor did I secure the latch on the tongue of my trailer… I did remember at the end of the road to get everything buttoned up. Needless to say the people in the cars behind me at the stop sign did like the fact that I did so.

After getting to the lake and talking to a couple older gentlemen, it was time to launch the boat. A good friend of mine was at the lake waiting on me and he was ready to catch a few. Of course he helped me by backing the boat and trailer into the water,after I checked to ensure the plug was installed. So, off we went to the back of the lake where I knew the fish would be.

Now at first everything went according to plan. We caught a couple decent fish, talked about nothing [like most guys do when they are fishing together], shared a few laughs, and just hung out. We made our pass down the banks I knew held fish. This is when the trouble started.

I decided we would make a move to another spot that I knew also held fish. Don’t forget this would be considered my home lake. So, I pulled at the rope on my motor [older Johnson 9.5 hp] and the sound of a flooded engine came out of it. At this point everything was okay because I knew my trolling motor battery was completely charged. Then out of the blue, my trolling motor decided to take a dump on me…

We sat there for a few more minutes drifting toward the bank and I decided to give my engine another pull and she cranked right up. Needless to say I was extremely happy the engine not to be a jerk. I checked my depth finder and that’s when I knew the issues were worse than I had hoped. My depth finder was working just fine. At this time I checked everything on my trolling motor and couldn’t find anything. I gave up on my tolling and decided to just get in a spot where the wind would push us and along the bank.

I can only imagine what we looked like, using the engine to get back forth. I would crank up run about 200 yards than drift and repeat. We did this about five times. The time was running past fast, not because of the problems, but because we stayed in conversation and kept fishing.

It was time for my friend to leave, he had to pick up his daughter. After the boat was loaded I came home, pulled my boat into my shop, and started to brainstorm about the issues I was having. That is when I thought I may have found the problem. I took the bottom end of my trolling motor apart to see if everything was okay, it was not. The inside of my motor was covered with corrosion. Of course I did what I think anybody would, I cleaned it off with a Scotch Brite pad and reinstalled it.

Then I made a terrible mistake. I went to another lake [Tishimingo State Park Lake] and that was a bad, bad idea. Just like earlier my trip started just fine. The boat started right like up like it should, the trolling motor was working fine, and the fish were biting. Making another dumb choice, I went to the very back part of the lake. This is when everything went bad again. My trolling motor died again and my engine was flooded, yet again.

Only having a paddle it was time to head back to boat ramp. Of course, this was going to make for bad trip. I paddled a little while, cussed a little bit, tried the engine again, tried the trolling motor again, and again with nothing going my way.

Once getting to the boat ramp I did what everybody does backed my trailer down into the water. Got back in my boat and told myself give it another try, I pulled at the engine rope and she fired right up like nothing happened. I was to upset about the day to not leave the lake anyway so, I pulled my boat up onto the trailer and got prepared to load it. Then when I stepped out of the front of my boat onto the trailer tongue, I slipped a little. After collecting myself I realized my boat wasn’t far enough up on the trailer. So, I gave it a tug and that is when I met the cold water. That’s right, I fell right in and can assure you the water temp was very low. I pulled myself together and tried again, the same result. I fell back into the water. By this time, I was soaking wet and very upset. Yes, a few more choice words came flying out. I stood there, in the water at this point and finished loading my boat on the trailer.

At this point I noticed two or three boats sitting there laughing away at my misfortune. I can’t say that I blame them at all. If I were in their shoes I would have laughed as well, but this didn’t make me feel any better about my situation.

So, regardless of how well prepared you think you are for the day just know that, it doesn’t always go the way you want it to. The best advice I could give anybody is to just go along for the ride, good or bad. These bad days are always challenging but, it will all work out.

I hope your next day on the water is better than my last one was.

Mt first MTB!! and it’s a good one!

MTB Box.jpg

I have been watching videos on for what seems to be forever. The majority of the channels I watch relate to fishing, hunting and shooting. I watch LFG, LunkersTV, APBassing, Flair, Fishing the Midwest and the Googan Squad. Those are the channels I watch daily, just to see what’s next for them. All of them get/use MTB so, I figured i would give it a try. Now I have been back and forth on ordering this from Karl’s Bait and Tackle. When I say that i mean it, back and forth for well over a year. I have been trying to justify the cost that comes along with getting these boxes.

After finally biting the so-called bullet I decided to go ahead and give it a chance. Boy, I am happy with that purchase! When my MTB showed up I felt like a little kid wanting to see what I had. Needless to say I was not disappointed. I mean if these continue to put these awesome baits in the boxes I will never stop receiving them.

Westin Swim.jpg

Above is the first lure I would like to talk about. the is the Westin Swim. This bait is the most unique lure I have ever used or seen for that matter. This lure has the coolest action in the water that I have ever seen. At first glance I figured this would be your typical lipless crank bait, but boy was I mistaken! This thing has a very erratic movement in the water and doesn’t fish as deep as you would think. The castability of this is outstanding as well. I mean you can really whip this lure out there if that’s what you to do. Zip it out there twitch twitch reel and repeat. It is literally that simple. Mix it up with a few pauses and a few harder than softer twitches. This will be by far the most unique lure in tackle.


The next lure I want to talk about is the IMA suspending Jerkbait. This is another great lure to use when the bite is tough. With this style you just crank it down to around the them suspended fish. Get this down to their level and then it’s time to do the same as the other, twitch twitch and reel. The paint on this is amazing. This is a perfect shiny bait to throw out there and hopefully get the attention of those big ones. I’m not one hundred percent positive but, this may be the first Japanese made lure in my boat and it does not disappoint!


Next! The MaxxLure CrankX squarebill is your typical squarebill lure. This style, if you’re not familiar with them, is very popular and effective. This will run a few feet under the surface of the water and deflect off most cover, I say most because I have lost a few of these in stingy treetops. This company is new to me and they make a very good, well constructed and good paint. The hooks are pretty sticky as well, which helps pierce the lips of them Largemouth Bass. If you haven’t tried a squarebill, give it a shot.


These Riot worms are very unique in design and the plastic is a little different feeling to me, I’m not sure if it’s softer or harder than normal, but something is different. These were paired with the Stickies hooks that I will share a little bit later on in this blog. The way I used them was, whacky rig style. The way these worms were made gives it an amazing action in the water. I’m not sure if you can see them or not but, this worm has lumps or lumpy spots on them. That gives them fantastic movement under water. When you twitch this bait and let it fall back down it moves all different types directions. I will be using this bait again for sure.

Heavy Tungsten Jig.jpg

This Heavy Metal Tungsten Jig is a great lure. Jig fishing is one of my favorite was to fish. The finesse football is great. This is a lighter 3/8th ounce jig and I paired it with a trailer swimbait that I will post next. When these were used together it made an awesome looking lure. Made it just a little bit larger in size and that trailer gives it a lot of action. I use a lighter line and tackle for this lure. I had this on my light tackle set up, which some may say isn’t the proper way but, it works for me. It was on one of my spinning set ups, a SixGill reel on a 7’6″ medium rod with 8lb pound line. I know that’s not a normal light weight set up but, it’s close enough. Structure is key with this, find structure and throw into it. Doesn’t matter if you see grass, treetops, laydowns or pads. I know this may not be heavy enough to punch through the heavy cover but, right along the edges and weight for that thump!


Here is the swim jig trailer I used with the finesse jig. Big Bite Baits makes some very good lures and have been around for a decent amount of time. The color on this bait was white and a brownish color. The paddle tail on this bait gives plenty action. These are a little smaller in size may be 4 inches in length and around 1/2 inch round. These are made out of good plastic, not to soft and not to hard. I also used this on a underspin, I think my hook was just a little to big for this smaller bait and it wasn’t getting its best action.


Finally the hooks, these were made by Stickies. These hooks were designed for whacky rig and/or the drop shot. These hooks are very sharp and made out of strong metal. I will be ordering more of these for sure. These may be some of the best hooks I have used. Not much more to say about these. They are good and do what they are made for.

At the end of the day i would and will suggest this to anybody and everybody that fishes or wants to add tackle that they would not normally buy at the store.

MTB is the way to go! Also, Karl’s Bait and Tackle has a membership that gives a very good discount and on somethings it gives you money back to spend on other items. they carry all sorts of gear so, all I can say is “Check them out!”. It’s well worth the money.

Just another day

Back roads Mississippi

Sitting outside drinking coffee on this dreary yet beautiful morning here in Mississippi, I kept wishing and imagining the woods full of life and that beutiful color of green we have all come to love. I’m patiently waiting on spring, not so much the pollen. It may just be me but, when spring hits it feeels like everything comes to life. Not only am I looking forward to the warmer temperatures, but the fishing will be at it’s peak and I feel, the pictures of this dramaticly under rated state will be at their best.

Mississippi hosts a lot of outdoor activities for all different types of people and/or adventures. With several state parks offering hiking trails, great camping, ATV trails, horse trails, great fishing lakes, disk golf and every type of animal watching {native to Mississippi} what is the reason not get excited? We also have fantastic state and federal run fishing lakes that are just amazing to look at, not to mention fish. Unfortunatly for the hunters, the majority of Mississippi’s hunting seasons are over. We do have turkey season opening in the near future and aligator season is right around the corner.

As a self proclaimed outdoorsman, I love all the oppurtunities that the warmer weather will bring. I know when summer hits I’ll be complaining about being to hot, all the time. Let’s face it Mississippi’s summer months are brutal, very brutal. We will have temps in and above the 100 degree mark with extremely high humidity levels, making the temps rise even higher. My problem is regardless of the high temps I will be outside in it, if it’s fishing, hiking, watching wildlife do it’s thing or just sitting around. One of my favortie things to do is to fire up my grill/smoker and enjoy a ice cold adult beverage. As long as I’m outdoors, I’m okay with it.

My family and I just finished moving [almost] to a new location, still in the same area. I know tht honey do list will be large or almost never ending, but the most of that will be outdoors and I will enjoy it. I have a few decks to build and I will have a fence to install around our propety so, I’ll have my hands full. The plan is to install a fence strong enough to hold a few animals, nothing to major. I will make sure there is time for fishing in the mix.

All I have been able to think about is the weather and the upcoming fishing that is about to take place. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but, I’m pumped about it!! There is just something about that monster tug that line, hopefully with my favorite jig or my favortie GOOGAN BAIT. Something about slow rolling or that suttle twitch and then feel the power from a largemouth bass. Nothing better than flipping into that cover, over and over, just to wait for that seemingly impossible bite. Every bump will make your heart race with excitment. Then you finally land it and all your emotions pour out for anybody near by to see and/or hear. Then you hold up your catch for a picture and back in to water it goes, unless you keep them [which I do not] then you put them in the livewell. After pictures are taken it’s time to post about yur cach so you can brag to all your buddies/followers.

At the end of the day it’s all about being outside and enjoying mother nature at her fineest. Catching fish is not required to have a great day at the lake, well not for me anyhow. Mother nature is one beeautiful thing, the songs from the birds are enough to put me to sleep. When the sun sets and it’s time to reflect on the day, you will hear the Whippoorwills and crickets sing the sounds of the life. So, remember just enjoy the wonders life has to offer. Surround yourself with positive people and live life the best you can.

What’s everybody else looking forward to with the upcoming seasons?

Any fishing baits that you look forward to using?


Mississippi weather!

To begin, I would like to say that I do not get cold easy. Now that we have that out there, it has been extremely cold in Mississippi this week/weekend. The temps have dropped down in to the teens and lower twenties. I would also like to state that I do understand it is still technically winter and these should be normal temperatures for this time of the year. My only problem is, I really want to go back to the lake. I cannot dedicate myself enough to go to the lake on such brisk days.

After my last adventure to the lake, I have been awaiting my opportunity to head back and try to hang one again. All my rods have fresh line and/or the frayed ends have been removed. I do have a few of the normal baits already tied on (crankbait, spinnerbait and finesse jig). I normally tie on my Texas rigs or my Carolina rigs right before getting out on the water. When I do fish a Wacky rig, which will land a big number of fish if you are playing a number game, I tie on at the lake as well. With this ready, I am ready to get back out there.

Getting back out on the water and not knowing if that big bite is about to happen is what drives me to keep trying. Just the anticipation of that thump is enough for me. To me, it doesn’t matter if I catch anything at all. There is something about being out there with nature. The ripples in the water and the beautiful songs all the birds sing are relaxing for my soul.

I enjoy taking all that in while awaiting that next fish. That sudden tug against my hand, or seeing my line move in a direction other than down. You’ll always hear me say the same thing “there he is!” While snatching my rod hard to ensure a great hook set. Then, the fight is on! The might of the fish against me, my experience, my confidence and my will to land him. Some get caught and some don’t. Some out smart me by getting into cover or jumping and shaking the hook. The others that get away, well I’ll chalk them up to user error. We can’t win them all, or I can’t anyway.

Since I was not able to convince myself to get out on the water I did take a few walks/hikes. I own a small piece of land and the majority of it is untouched. The tall timber houses several different types of wildlife. The main wildlife I see is Whitetail Deer, Rabbits, Squirrels, several different types of birds and the rare Turkey. In the summer months and into the fall you can step out there and have humming birds fly right to you, which if you haven’t seen this you’re missing out on one of the most beautiful things mother nature has to offer. Back to the topic, while hiking I did notice that one of the creeks that run through my property has uncovered something I have never seen before. All the rain we’ve had washed a spot that was about 8 feet across 20 feet long and possibly 15 feet deep. In this wash there was another hidden, underground creek. I am going to explore this area better when given the time.

That will do it for today’s blog. Until next time.

March 1st 2019, a day on the lake.

I went to a local lake in hopes of catching some Crappie or Largemouth Bass. We had a pretty decent warm spell prior to this day, but a cold front was moving through later in the day. I was unsure of the fish activity due to the recent flooding we had in our area.

The lake [Lake Lamar Bruce] was somewhere around 5-6 feet above the normal level. This caused most of the, man placed, structure to be moved around and not in the locations they were place to house fish. The majority of the tree tops and laydowns that would normally hold bedding fish (Crappie and Bream) had almost all been moved. Even some sections of the rocks that were placed around points had been moved out a few feet. Again, I’m assuming that was from the water washing them out. Looking around you could easily see how high the water line had got, there was a line of washed up leaves all the way around the lake. Most of the docs and/or piers were completely under water, with only the top section of hand rails showing. All this rain and flooding made the water a chocolate milk color and that was going to make my trip difficult. Regardless of the lakes condition, I was going to give it a shot.

First, I was going to target Crappie. I’m sure they will be spawning soon and was hopeful I would be able to catch a few. I tied on a 1/16oz jig head, pink in color, and attached a tube style red, black and chartreuse body. I would into any structure I could find, tree tops, Christmas trees, rock pilings and laydowns. With absolutely no luck what so ever. Then I tied on a smaller, not sure of the weight, Beetlespin. I used a white one then switched to a yellow one. Again, no luck at all. I spent around 2hrs looking for that bite.

At that point I decided to try out the Largemouth Bass. I knew with the water clarity in shape it was in the bite would be tough. I had a few different baits tied on that I was going to try. I knew that the jig, square bill crankbait, spinnerbait, Texas rigged bait and jerk bait would more than likely be my best options. So I tied on a finesse with a Googan Baits Krackin Craw, a Lucky Craft square bill [white and black colored], a white and silver Strike King spinnerbait and a Texas rigged Googan Baits Trench Hawg (please forgive me if I misspelled the names of any of these baits). Again, targeting any type of structure along with any swift dropoffs I could find. First flipping into the heavy cover is always fun and throwing that finesse jig is one of my favorite ways to fish, but no bites would come. Crankbait time. I did have 1 good bite on this bait but, it got shook off in mid air. Spinnerbait was next up, no luck. The Googan Baits Trench Hawg did produce some decent bites. Nothing to write home about, but they were bites. After another 2.5hrs spent I only had a few bites to talk about.

Regardless of the dropping temperatures and the lack of good fish, I still had a decent day at the lake. As I was told as a young kid “a bad day at the lake is still a good day to be alive”. I did speak to a few fishermen that were also seeking that bite and was told “next couple weeks it will be on fire” and “with the flooding in our area it make take a little bit longer for the fish to spawn”. We all agreed that with or without fish it was still worth a shot.

We have a massive cold front coming through today so, it may mess up the spawn a little more. In a few days I will try for that bite again. My hopes are the Largemouth Bass will bed soon and the Crappie bite will be great. Until then it’s just a waiting game.

My introduction

Hello everybody,

I want to start our journey together by giving you all some background information on me. My name is John Ellward, I am a 40yr old father of three. My wife and I have been married for over 20yrs now. Yes, we have destroyed the stereotypes of young people getting married. I was 19 and my wife was 18 when we wed, still in love and still taking every step of life together as a team. We live I a small town in Mississippi and there is no place I would rather be.

I have not always lived in the area I call home. I grew in a bigger city in Michigan. It was made obvious to me that living in the city was not for me at the age of 16 or 17. I was fortunate enough to have friends and family that introduced me to the outdoors at a young age. Being in the city it was always a pretty long ride out to what we called country to find the hunting and fishing areas we looked for. These areas are where I found my hobbies and passions.

I started hunting at 10, ish. Fishing was shown to me at 7 or 8. As for the fishing we did have lakes and/or ponds in a close proximity to “the city”. Although the best fishing was farther north of my area. In the beginning of my fishing life I started like most, a bobber and worm. The hunting however was a different story. It would take about an hour or so to reach hunting areas. I learned how to shoot a bow at a very young age as well, not sure the age on that.

Then I moved to Mississippi in 1997. That is where I got more involved and became more in love with the outdoors. In Michigan I only had a few friends that would go fishing and less that would go hunting, but here [in Mississippi] almost everybody hunted and fished. Again, I started down here fishing with a bobber and worm, but it didn’t take long to pick some Bass fishing gear. After my first topwater blow up I knew I found my passion.

This has been a little bit of my background for everybody. I hope you enjoy this and future blogs to come. The blogs will be revolving around the outdoors in Mississippi, which there is a lot of.

Thank you for taking a minute to read this. See you next time.